IRENE - Independent Real Estate Network E-Com


Reducing costs for all

In 2002 we realised a couple of things: not only were agents facing spiralling operational
costs, but their data was becoming increasingly controlled by third parties.

We soon saw the only way to change this was for the fragmented Independent real estate
agency sector to consolidate and work with the rest of the Industry to reduce costs

IRENE launched as a Platform, a Co-operative type structure that enables Independent real
estate Agencies to consolidate, to own and utilise their dominant buying power whilst
retaining full Independent status and operations

Working together, the most populated property portal, superior data information and other
core services will naturally flow and explode due to our, unique to agents, opportunities and

Principals across the board will soon enjoy reduced costs which are passed on to their
sellers, landlords, buyers and tenants.


Some of the Independents strategies that are now benefiting our Clients

Australia’s largest Rea Estate Network:

• Dedicated national Networking Website promoting properties to thousands of local and

   national salespeople and property managers

• National Databases with thousands of current buyers and tenants

• Salespeople and property managers exchange information and ideas ensuring they are well

   equipped with current trends, strategies and best practices


Extra mile

Opposed to enjoying the comfort of a large Brand the Independent Agency’s reputation is
built on ‘how they perform’.

So it makes sense to use an Independent Agency


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